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Fire Alarm

we treat having a fire alarm installation as far more than just a tick-box exercise. Having a fully operational fire alarm system can sometimes be the difference between life and death, so getting your fire alarm installed by a professional and experienced service is essential.

Does My Building Need a Fire Alarm?

By law, your building will need a fire alarm if it is for commercial use – the type of alarm you will need is dependent on the use of the premises, so it’s best to get a qualified installation company to do a thorough fire risk assessment to determine this.

Having said this, strictly speaking not all buildings need one. However, fire alarms are vital to protect human life, so having them installed is an exercise of caution to cover you in case of an emergency.

Fires can be life-threatening if the appropriate measures to detect and control them are not in place. We believe that prevention is the best form of protection against fire emergencies, and would recommend having a fire alarm installed, whatever your building is used for.

Commercial Fire Alarm Regulations in the UK

Buildings for commercial use must follow special regulations to be compliant with fire safety policies. According to British Standards:

  • Fire alarms should be tested once a week and monthly, to pick up on any faults.
  • Servicing should then take place once every six months.

Who is Responsible for Maintaining Fire Alarms?

If you are the owner of the building or have control of the premises, you are liable for ensuring that these policies are met, and you will also need to make sure that your fire alarm systems are in full working order.

Why Choose us for Fire Alarm Installations?

  • Experts in providing fire alarm installation in Coventry, including warwick, Rugby, Midland and the surrounding areas. We have developed years of commercial expertise, combined with a sound knowledge of regulations to ensure that you are covered should a fire emergency ever happen.
  • Certification – Our fire alarm systems come with the appropriate fire alarm installation certificate to ensure that each stage of design, installation and commissioning of the system have satisfied the regulations put in place.
  • Comprehensive – We cover everything including the installation, support and maintenance to ensure you remain compliant and safe from fire emergencies.

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